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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 28, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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three homicides and another person killed in a chase, it has been a deadly day in oakland. a push to use high tech to crack down on repeat dui offenders, you will hear what was announced this morning. more ran arrives as well. you will hear how much at noon.
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complete bay area news coverage, starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> we tried increase in fines, we have tried to revoke licenses to deter those chronic offenders, but we need to do more to save lives. >> turning to high tech to crack down on repeat drunk driving offenders, that is one of the top stories this noontime. good afternoon, i am tara moriarty, in today for tori campbell. we begin today with a deadly morning in oakland, hours after the city announced a plan to make streets safer. within a two hour timeframe
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this morning two people were shot and killed and a third person stabbed to death. ktvu's alex savage is live with more. >> reporter: after the homicides it is 530, 5 of them justified from carding to the department, still more than last year and so far no arrests have been made. the coroner carries the body of a woman out of this apartment this morning, found stabed to death inside one of the units here on walnut street. a neighbor called 911 around 2:30 this morning. an officer showed up to find the woman with several stab wounds. >> just a bunch of arguing and you know -- which is common, which is common, it is always arguing going on here you know. i didn't think nothing of it. >> andre perkins lives downstairs and told me he heard a loud argument early this
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morning then woke up to find a crime scene outside his door. >> it is tragedy. you know what i am saying? it is sad, real sad and any loss of life is bad, but, you know, taking a lady's life, that is gutter, that is real ugly. >> a sergeant on scene told me a man at the apartment is being detained for questioning in connection with knee deadly stabbing. the man was found with cuts on his hands. meantime across town oakland police spent the morning investigating a deadly shooting on meade avenue near san pablo, two men killed here, each shot several times, a police spokeswoman told me this morning homicide investigators are talking to witnesses in the area and trying to figure out a motive for this double homicide. so far police have not released the names or the ages of the victims involved in those two incidents from this morning. but the violence this morning comes one day after the city of oakland announced they are hiring former l.a. police chief and former new
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york city police chief bill bratton as a consultant to try and develop a plan here in oakland to reduce violence. live this afternoon in oakland, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thanks. a chp chase early this morning ended in a crash on the streets of oakland and an innocent victim is dead. the suspect's bmw broad slided a lincoln town car there not far from the zoo. a female passenger in the car was killed, three others injured, this startth at 11:20 after office, tried to stop the bmw for speeding. >> the driver of that vehicle initially yielded to the officers and then as the officers exited their vehicle to approach the vehicle that driver did a u-turn and sped away from the officers. >> now after the crash the driver identified as 34-year- old cant dejuan moore of oakland and a passenger got out
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of the bmw and ran off, office, caught moore but the other suspect got away. with new year's eve around the corner police are trying to get a jump on catching drunk driver, janine de la vega joins us to talk about new legislation introduced targeting offenders and the enforcement happening later today. >> reporter: tara tonight deputies will be here doing a dui checkpoint, that is one tool they have enforcic the law. this morning something new is proposeed to stop impaired drivers. amy knows first hand what is it like getting stopped and issued a dui. >> the consequences are horrible, you have to take classes, do community service, i had to take a quarter off school just to do all this stuff, so it prolonged my graduation. >> but not every driver learns from past experience, that is why local law enforcement stood by the senator today in support
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of a new bill, it targets repeat dui offenders. >> we have tried increasing fines and revoking licenses to detore chronic offenders but we need to do more. >> it requires drivers convicted of a second offense to put a alcohol detection device in their car that will not allow the car to start if that happens and other states have been successful. >> according to data collected through new mexico's program rates were reduced by 75%. >> during this holiday period they have been patrolling and holding checkpoints to catch those drinking. hardwood thinks if the bill is passed it will help more. >> it is a great idea actually because there is a lot of people will get one and continue to drink and drive. i have met people in my classes
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who have 5 duis and still allowed on the road. >> under the bill the driver convicted would be required to pay for the device, if they fall below the poverty line the manufacturer would help cover the cost. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> it may be dry where you are at but you can expect that to change. let's take a live look outside, cloudy, cold, rain in the forecast for later today. it is not expected to be the downpour like last week, meteorologist steve paulson will be here to tell us about that. the district attorney's office is investigating two separate police shootings, the lastest hatched last night at a gas station near 880 in el cerrito, officers were called there at 6:40 and saw a man pistol-whip a woman, two officers opened fire, the suspect was taken to the hospital where he was reported in critical condition. no one else was hurt. authorities have released the identity of a 22-year-old man shot and killed by walnut
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creek police officers yesterday morning. the officers said anthony banta, jr. was armed when they responded to a 911 call at the diablo point apartments 3:30 thursday morning and had no choice but to shoot him. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the officers are on paid leave while the investigation goes forward. san francisco police are looking for a man who broke into a home in chinatown and groped a woman while she was sleeping. it happened around 2:00 yesterday morning in the woman's home at that time jackson and powell streets. police say the victim was woken up by a man touching her and he ran from the home and hasn't been caught. the woman was not hurt. well san francisco authorities have charged another defendant in the killing of a man found bound and gagged earlier this month. the attack left steven reid dead and a woman badly beaten. today charges were filed against katherine wong, charged with murder, assault and being an ex-felon in possession of a
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firearm. >> there is a thousand pages of discovery according to the district attorney that will be turned over sometime next week. all i have right now are the charges and i don't think i have very much to say yet. >> now five other people have also pleaded not guilty in the case. one of them tyler miller, had her bail increased today from 15,000 to 50,000 dollars. police say the defendants knew the victims. well steve paulson is up in a few minutes. >> i am kyla campbell in washington, d.c. happening right now the president is meeting with congressional leaders about the fiscal cliff. what other lawmakers are saying about the lack pouf of progress on a deal. >> steve paulson will be up in a few minutes to tell you about the light rain moving this way and what you can expect in your neighborhood over the weekend. 100 years of muni, we will show you footage from the early days. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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a long shoreman's strike has been averted for now. that is at ports along the east coast and the gulf of mexico. the international long shoreman's association has agreed to extend its contract for a month while negotiations continue. the contract expired in september but was originally extended for 90 days, that extension was due to run out
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sunday, west coast long shoreman have a separate union contract. there is a renewed sense of urgency as america inches closer to the fiscal cliff come the new year, now the president is meeting with congressional leaders at the white house, kyla campbell joins us live from dc. >> reporter: tara, some members of congress hope this meeting will produce a deal but others say the situation is hopeless and this meeting is just for show. we are taking a live look outside the white house, still not sure whether we are going to get video from the high stakes negotiations, harry reid and mitch mcconnell and john boehner and nancy pelosi are joining president obama and the vice-president. the white house insists the president is not putting new offers on the table but there are reports of a compromise to raise tax rates for them.
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both sides say thar are disappointed. >> it is totally a lack of courage to deal with these issues. from washington to wall street there is a sense of gloom but the prospects of deal. here in dc a new furlough warning went out to federal workers, deep spending cuts and tax hikes go into effect for every 1 on new year's eve if congress doesn't take action. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thanks, if the president and congress are not able to avoid the fiscal cliff experts say people here in california will be hit especially hard because prop 30 voted into law in november will mean higher sales taxes and income taxes on the state's top earners. the fiscal cliff would add to that, hitting all americans with higher taxes. >> i don't know there is a word to describe how pissed the public is going to be, nobody going to be happy to see that happen. >> if taxes go up on everybody
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it is not going to be a happy time but i think that is inevitably what is going to happen. >> the tax policy center says the lowest income people will shrink over 3%, average owners 4% and top earns about six%, secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to return to work next week, a spokesman for her says she continues to recuperate at home and well resume her work schedule next week. doctors say she contracted a stomach virus and became dehydrated and fainted and hit her head and diagnosed with a concussion and has not been seen in public since. the contra costa fire county district has scheduled meetings to discuss fire station closure, four of the 28 stations are set to close on january 15th in those areas. the fire chief and board members will be there to take questions and talk about it.
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the first meeting is january 7th in lafayette. we have posted the times and locations on the hot topics page. a victim of a hit and run crash says he has first hand knowledge of the crime in oakland. he was stranded there for several hours. the man said he drove more than 50 miles to visit his father in oakland last night and when he got there a pickup truck slammed into his parked car breaking its axel, the driver ran from the scene and he says he spent most of the night asking police for help. >> they said they had no eta, no officers available, highway patrol office came and said it is not his location, he left me here abandoned on this street, this , which is not a good neighborhood. >> they said they could not help because it was considered a crime scene. they confirmed they did not have enough officers to respond until hours later. police finally came out, took a
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report and had the vehicle moved early this morning. well san francisco's muni service turns 100 years old today and to celebrate muni is offering free rides for everyone. the free rides include all buses light rail trains and cable cars until 5:00 tomorrow morning. now the first muni street cars rolled on the a and b lines on december 28th, 1912. this vintage film comes from utube, they ran on gary boulevard between downtown and 33rd avenue. since then muni has grown to more than 200 million riders a year. bart plans to extend hours of service for new year's morning, giving people no excuse to drink and drive. extra staff and trains will also be on hand. additional trains will go in and out of san francisco on new year eve through the morning. the extra service will alleviate crowds at those stations where large crowds of people are expected to watch the fireworks show downtown. muni will join bart to help
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shuttle extra people around for new years celebrations and to add to the fun muni is offering free travel from 8:00 p.m. new year's eve until day that includes cable cars and will add extra service then. there may be hope for bay area people having a hard time finding fresh crash. the recent strike along with bad weather and underweight crabs caused a shortage but local fishermen say they expect big halls this weekend. if all goes as planned prices could drop early next week. an australian surfer is recovering after being bit by a shark. he was surfing when he was rammed and it bit him. witnesses said he fought back. >> he managed to get the tip of his board and drive it into the head of the shark, which is pretty brave to do.
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>> the shark backed off and allen was able to swim to shore, he is now being treated for his injuries. >> well, if you stepped outside and just got back mommy you are probably going to repeat what i just said, oh, my gosh it is cold out there, when this old swede is cold i will tell you only 41 in fairfield and concord and not much warmer anywhere else, combination of high clouds and fog, the downtown and airport are the warmest locations and only 49 so there is a december chill. the clouds come in earlier, sprinkles fell some near arinda and highway 24, the main low is here off cape mendocino and will go parallel to the coast and will not warm up, cloudy to mostly cloudy, not much of a breeze, thank goodness, if there was it would feel like
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the great lakes, cloudy and cold, rain develops north bay and along the coast. if we can get enough moisture out of this system there will be snow around 2000, 2500 feet, maybe a dusting on higher peaks. 40s on the temperatures, there is fairfield, concord, antioch 42, livermore 43, san rafael 45 and santa ross a 40, 31 tahoe, two below this morning. eight below -- 9 below at mammoth, 39 only in redding at noon. ukia only 40, sacramento 44, reno 26, so there is a lot of cold air. looks like shower activity trying to form toward mendocino county, lake county weak, same for sonoma county, the main part is there and we have to wait for this, if it came over us, yes, yes, yes, we would all have rain but these systems are a bear to forecast and we will see right along the coast that is what this system does, it doesn't push too far inland but does kind of rotates goes
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parallel and moves south but will usher in even colder air tonight and tomorrow, so rain tonight, not a lot, farther west better opportunity, farther east not so much but a cloudy cold day with upper 40s. temperatures below average here, hard-pressed to warm up. ocean temperatures are warmer than afternoon temperatures 53, 54 degrees. on the extended outlook, cloudy, cold exnot a big cold, sunday okay, cold and breezy, showers monday but mostly sunny tuesday just looks chilly. i should audi do belief tara this is your first noon news, you have done a fabulous job, congratulations. >> thank you very much. i am excited for the weekend. we don't have rain, huh? >> maybe early saturday but then out of here you will be good. >> sounds good. do you have plans this weekend? >> always, you? >> always as well. >> i know you. >> thanks, steve. preparations are underway for one of the oldest new year's day traditions on the west
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coast, volunteers are building and painting the floats for the tournament of roses parade in pasadena. a later today they started doing the most difficult jobs, covering ever visible inch of every float with seeds, leaves, stalks and flowers, the bay area will be represented by two bands in this parade. valley christian high school from san jose and stanford. well, we will tell you why drivers may want to avoid downtown san francisco this evening. and the financial cost of a brawl that triggered a panic among customers this week at a northern california mall.
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here is a live look at the big board. the dow is negative 90 points right now and it appears that concern over the fiscal cliff is really weighing heavily on the minds of investors so obviously keeping the markets down there. all right. we have some breaking news. authorities in new york state have arrested a 24-year-old woman in connection with the shooting deaths monday of two volunteer firefighters. dawn ngyuen faces a state charge of filing a false business record. authorities that is connected to the purchase of two weapons william spengler he had with him when he shot them and his self. his brother said his sister's next door neighbor stole the guns from her.
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the brawl that caused panic inside a mall likely led to a significant loss in post christmas sales for businesses. people ran from the exits at the mall wednesday when they heard a noise that sounded like gunshots, no shots were fired but there was a brawl. police arrested three people and the commotion led to a lock- down and likely kept thousands of post christmas shoppers out of the mall. there is no estimate yet on ham how much money they lost but spirits tell the bee it is likely a significant amount. [ singing ] ♪ [ music ] >> powered by people who could not wait to see the movie version of lay miserable, they broke their on line sales record, they won't say how many tickets it sold for the christmas day showing but it
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does they say they broke the record for that. it could come grinding to a hall because today is the last critical mass bicycle event on the year, for those new to the area on the last friday of the month they ride down there. they say to expect delays. we are monitoring the fiscal cliff meeting there at the white house, find out if politicians can make a deal or we will go over the glitch and taxes spike and that shrinks. thank you for trusting us, we are always available on and ktvu send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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